Fish On! John Ruskowski Author Visit

John Ruskowski Author Event Saturday May 13 at 2pm to discuss his new book "Fish On!" - A fisherman's journey of understanding.

Fish On! is a fisherman’s journey of understanding. At the first tentative encounters between fish and the young fisherman, the two are objects of each other’s fears and curiosity. As that curiosity grows and fear is conquered, exploration and understanding follow. For the first nearly 70 years of his life Author John Ruskowski enjoyed summers swimming and fishing in the waters of Loon Lake in the Adirondack Mountains where his grandparents established a lakeshore cottage in 1947. His experiences with fish and fishing led him to explore the scaled residents in the waters of the Northeast, Montana, Alaska and several of the providences of Canada. Along the way, interesting and useful perspectives on fish and fisherman emerged. Eventually these led to an amazing realization about the incredible bond that they share and that John relates to the readers in his new book, Fish On!

About the Author: John Ruskowski served for several years as a professor within the graduate department of SUNY Oswego. He also served for 10 years on the faculty of the Fulton City School District as a school psychologist. A licensed psychologist, John maintained a private practice as a psychologist in Oswego for nearly 30 years until his recent retirement. He continues to enjoy retirement at his home in the Town of Oswego where he often makes time fishing, woodworking and writing.