Christopher Buehlman book release party @ Junco Brewing

Enter the fray in this luminous new adventure from Christopher Buehlman, set during the war-torn, goblin-infested years just before The Blacktongue Thief.

“The goblins have killed all of our horses and most of our men.

They have enslaved our cities, burned our fields, and still they wage war.

Now, our daughters take up arms.”


About the author: Christopher Buehlman is an author, comedian, and screenwriter from St. Petersburg, Florida, whose books include The Blacktongue Thief, Between Two Fires, and The Lesser Dead. He spent his youth touring renaissance festivals in the US, performing his cult-favorite comedy act, Christophe the Insultor, and locally as “Churchyard” O’Shea telling filthy Irish stories. As of this writing he lives in Ohio with his aerialist wife, Jennifer, an ancient rescue dog named Duck, and two cats who just showed up, as they do.