Amy Sarig King in conversation with Clare Donovan

Amy Sarig King has been called “One of the best Y.A. writers working today,” and received the 2022 Margaret A. Edwards Award for her lasting contribution for young adult literature. In a novel inspired by the real-life censorship of her child’s school copy of The Devil’s Arithmetic, King takes on censorship and intolerance. Mac has been raised by his mom and grandad to call out things that are wrong, but when he and his friends protest censorship, the principal doesn’t take them seriously. So many adults want Mac to keep his words to himself. Mac's about to see the power of letting them out. 

Clare Donovan is a longtime bookseller and friend of the river's end bookstore. She is currently teaching English at Oswego Middle School, while also completing her master's degree at SUNY Oswego, and coaching the swim team.