Corey S. King

"Where Soldiers of Three Nations Rest": History of the Post Cemetery at Fort Ontario
 by Corey S. King; edited by Paul A. Lear (published by Friends of Fort Ontario, 2019)

"Where Soldiers of Three Nations Rest" is the result of over ten years of research by the author and members of Fort Ontario Historic Site at Oswego. The original site of the Post Cemetery was reported to have thirty headstones arranged in no particular order, and over one hundred mounds that were believed to be unmarked graves. In 1903, work began on modernizing and landscaping the seventy-five acre Fort Ontario Military Reservation. While workmen were removing the old stone fort's outer earthworks, etc, they began to uncover human remains and coffin parts without headstones. These discoveries suggest that there were 18th and early 19th century cemeteries predating the known Post Cemetery located on the reservation, and likely in City neighborhoods around it. The book includes illustrations and commentaries of those interred at the cemetery.

Paul Lear is director and Corey King is an employee of Fort Ontario Historic Site.