Justice? Or...Just Me?: The Bite (Paperback)

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A Rags to Riches story in reverse. Dominique is an African American woman who grew up in an upper middle class family. Think the Cosby Show except her father was a banker and her mother, a teacher. An only child, Dominique fought to at least be able to go to public school because she felt like she was missing out. She was able to spend one year in public school, but then back in private school she went when her test scores reflected how much she enjoyed that year. Unfortunately, no amount of shelltering could've prepared Dominique for what she was about to experience in life and her relationships. She knew justice wasn't always just but to what degree? Domestic violence relationships were things that happened to other people. When her life takes a downward turn, she loses faith in her ability to pull herself out alone. Then he walks in, her proverbial knight in shining white armor. He rushes in like the prince she thought she needed to save her. In turn, she thought she could save him from his past wounds. Turns out, she needed to be saved from him and herself. Her true Savior instructs her what to do to save her life and it involves doing something that would have many other consequences. What if saving your life means losing it? Justice? Or...Just Me? is a book series that takes us on the journey of a Black woman married to a White man and what happens when she leaves an abusive marriage. When she leaves, she loses so much but what she gains is invaluable. A journey of restoration, Dominique learns what and who true love is. She learns what true grace and mercy is as a recipient of undeserved favor for her life being spared. But even though her life is spared, saved, it does not change the fact there are real consequences for all of her actions. It's just now, she won't be alone. She always knew she was a fighter, now God is teaching her how to fight His way. Is she courageous enough to do so?
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ISBN: 9798524156686
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2021
Pages: 166
Language: English
Series: Bite