Notes on Shapeshifting (Paperback)

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Abrāo's work has been described by The Outline as "an existential funhouse of familiar thoughts" that "publicly grapples with pillars of its own existence within the influencer economy." Alongside The Outline, her work has been featured in publications such as The Atlantic, Dazed, The Harvard Crimson, and The Face, among others. In response to Abrāo's work, Dazed Magazine wrote, "Gabi debunks the myth that wellness is the preserve of the privileged, and in doing so hands it back to the masses," and Notes on Shapeshifting is a reminder that we are agents of the change that we seek. Gabi Abrāo's Notes on Shapeshifting is an ode to existing in physical form, fully aware of the changing energy that flows through every aspect of it. As Abrāo writes, "tapping into the ether body to take a break from the demands of the earth body, / making peace with ephemerality, / lightness, / shapeshifting". Throughout this collection, you are invited to travel through various states; pure infatuation to heartbreak, confidence to defeat, from a skepticism for living to a full-on trust in it. And Notes on Shapeshifting yearns to soothe and arouse along the way.

About the Author

Gabi Abrāo is an artist, writer, and digital creator that was born and raised in West Los Angeles. She is also known under her Internet username, sighswoon. With over 130K followers online, her work has embraced the ephemerality of the human experience. Abrāo has produced numerous how-to guides on topics such as How to Embrace Your Shape-Shifting and Ever-Changing Nature, Things You Can Pretend to Be When You Feel Uncentered, and How to Have a Positive Experience on Instagram. All of Abrāo's life's work is devoted to developing a language with the invisible.
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ISBN: 9781945649820
ISBN-10: 1945649828
Publisher: Not a Cult
Publication Date: September 13th, 2022
Pages: 80
Language: English