Edward Snowden: Nsa Contractor and Whistle-Blower (Paperback)

Edward Snowden: Nsa Contractor and Whistle-Blower By Fiona Young-Brown Cover Image
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In 2013, a British newspaper revealed how U.S. government agencies were collecting private information from millions of telephone calls. The news had been leaked to reporters by Edward Snowden, a private subcontractor for the National Security Agency. Snowden now lives in Russia. He faces criminal charges if he returns to the United States. Is Snowden a traitor for giving away American secrets, or is he a hero for protecting the human rights of the American people? With this book, students can read both sides of the story and decide for themselves.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781502635402
ISBN-10: 1502635402
Publisher: Cavendish Square Publishing
Publication Date: July 30th, 2018
Pages: 112
Language: English