Money Letters 2 My Daughter (Paperback)

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Money Letters 2 my Daughter is the 2013 Book of the Year, Adult's Money Management; a national honor awarded by the Institute for Financial Literacy. In the book; mother, author, and financial literacy advocate, Jackie Cummings Koski shares her self-taught wisdom through a series of letters to her 17-year-old daughter about all things dealing with money and personal finances. If you feel you have lacked the basics to get your arms around your money issues, this is the book for you It will help you learn the things that will inspire you to finally trade in your stress and anxiety about money, for knowledge and power. Much of the book includes things that people have only learned after they've made life-changing mistakes. Only then do they ask the question, "why didn't anyone ever tell me that?" Well, Mom is telling you now, along with thousands of other people that are simply seeking some foundational knowledge about money. Most people did not grow up with positive financial role models in their lives and were never adequately educated about money--not at home, not in school, and not even in college. So here is your "textbook" on money matters that will raise your financial IQ. The help that you will get in this book will give you the power to make better financial decisions. Take a peek at the self-taught wisdom of this mother as she speaks to her daughter through her smart, no-nonsense Money Letters.
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ISBN: 9780989186001
ISBN-10: 0989186008
Publisher: Money Letters
Publication Date: July 1st, 2013
Pages: 142
Language: English