Instant Karma: The Day It Happened (Hardcover)

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"Why doesn't everyone believe in karma?" Lama Tashi repeated the question with a mischievous twinkle. "The answer is very simple."

He gazed at where his students relaxed on their meditation cushions in the candle-lit room. "It's because karma isn't instant. If cause was followed immediately by effect, there would be no question, no doubt."

A wave of recognition passed, palpably through the room. And along with it, a surge of possibilities.

"Imagine if karma went instant?" said Anton. "How crazy would that be?"

What if we all woke one day to discover that every act of generosity was followed, soon after, by an unexpected windfall? If theft or betrayal led to rapid calamity? Within minutes, the effects of instant karma would be felt by each one of us. Within hours it wouldn't just be ordinary folks trying to figure out the new order-it would be everyone from the President down.
Instant Karma is the story of that day. An extraordinary vision, by turns hilarious and poignant, early adopters are quick to capitalize on the new dynamics while karma change deniers vehemently dig in their heels. A food poisoning contagion arising from factory farming sees the world go vegetarian by lunchtime. A little-known Buddhist monk, Lama Tashi, suddenly becomes TV's go-to man, sought out for the wisdom he imparts with such oceanic benevolence.
Amid the roller coaster of events, Instant Karma takes us to unexplored places. How much would human behavior change if we had to live with the immediate consequences of our actions? Is reality much more a product of our minds than of circumstances? And does focusing on the wellbeing of others truly hold the key to our greatest flourishing?
Zesty, subversive, warm-hearted, Instant Karma is David Michie at his thought-provoking best.

"Story-telling is a gift, and David Michie imaginatively creates interconnected pictures of lives and situations that we all recognize to bring about an understanding of karma, and through these stories we learn how a recognition of this can help us live better lives. Human drama and romantic comedy are combined with Buddhist wisdom, science, and philosophy into an inspirational and joyful read that is a life lesson.

Instant Karma is optimistic, funny, provocative and transforming. It deserves to find a wide audience-"may all sentient beings find Happiness". There is no more important message."

-Duncan Baird, Publisher

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